Boil Water Advisory Summary

On November 16 through courtesy investigative sampling, the District received results of E. coli bacteria in a fire hydrant that was located on a water main that served two homes. Those two customers were immediately contacted, and advised to use boiled or bottled water for drinking. After discovering the E. coli the District chlorinated, flushed, and conducted additional investigative sampling. The District sampled the adjacent areas in addition to the District’s well sources on November 16, 17, 18 and 19. One sample from the November 19 sampling was found to have E. coli bacteria from an adjacent commercial area. As a precautionary measure, the District, in cooperation with Washington State Department of Health – Office of Drinking Water, announced a system-wide Boil Water Advisory after receiving the results on November 20. In the days following the Boil Water Advisory, the District successfully isolated the commercial section of the distribution system where the E. coli was found, chlorinated, and flushed the entire water system. Additional samples were collected from the entire water system daily, including samples taken from locations with sensitive populations (day cares, assisted living facilities, medical facilities, schools, etc.). In order to remove the advisory, the District was required to have two consecutive representative sets of satisfactory (zero bacteria present) samples. The Boil Water Advisory was lifted for the main portion of the District on November 27, which was the original estimated timeline of 1 week. The isolated section where the E. coli was found had the Boil Water Advisory lifted the following day on November 28. Throughout this process, the District collected 209 samples in total.

The District’s next steps will include detailed inspections of the area where the E. coli was discovered. This includes working with the multiple businesses (34) and property owners. Please be patient as we work through this process. We want to be very detailed and thorough in our work. When we complete our investigation we intend to send a letter to all of our customers outlining what we found, what actions we took to remedy it, and what will be done to prevent it in the future.


Mission Statement

To restore the lake, in 1973 area residents voted to form this special purpose district government as duly authorized by Washington State law. Our mission is public sewer and water service through leadership to preserve and protect the aquifer, river, and lake; serving people and the environment. To assure pure drinking water and effectively treated wastewater we maintain the highest security, safety, construction practices, operating standards, low rates and fiscal responsibility. We serve as an advocate and clearinghouse for lake, river and aquifer protection, conscientious wastewater treatment, and water conservation. We continually monitor water quality and manage the watershed to understand and prevent negative influences while operating a safe, secure, and reliable sewer and water utility. We take pride in our community and continually seek to improve the service we provide our owner/ratepayers. We honor and value representative local government that works, without taxes. We foster a professional, rewarding, supportive, and fun work environment that makes all of this possible.

District Commissioners

Bill Genoway

Position 1, term expires in 2019

Kottayam V. Natarajan Jr., President

Position 2, term expires in 2021

Tom Agnew

Position 3, term expires in 2023

General Manager

BiJay Adams

22510 E. Mission Ave.
Liberty Lake, WA 99019
(509) 922-5443
Fax (509) 926-7691

Public sewer and water service through leadership to preserve and protect the aquifer, river, and lake; serving people and the environment.

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