Billing and Finances

Utility Billing

Water and Sewer utility billing has converted from a quarterly to a monthly basis as of April 2016. The conversion will create manageable payment schedules for customers and help catch possible billing issues in a timely fashion.

May 2017 Billing Insert

All accounts are billed on a monthly basis, the base rate for sewer is $49.91 and water is $12.97. The water base rate allows you to use up to 32 cubic feet (240 gallons) of water per day. Water usage in excess of 32 cubic feet per day is billed at a higher rate four times a year (quarterly).

Q: When will overage be billed?
A: For commercial accounts overage is billed monthly along with base rate.

A: For residential accounts overage will be billed four times a year (quarterly).
     December: Usage is for the end of August through the beginning of November.
     March: Usage is for the end of November through the beginning of February.
     June: Usage is for the end of February through the beginning of May.
     September: Usage is for the end of May through the beginning of August.

Bills are generated on the 15th of the month and are due 30 days later on the 15th of the following month with a 5 day grace period. A 10% late charge will be assessed on any unpaid balance.

If you think the water consumption is in error, or you have a question regarding the bill, please contact the District at 509-922-5443.

Reading the Meter

Customers are required to keep the meter vault clear of obstructions such as shrubbery, debris, machinery, vehicles, etc. Residences with meters in back yards must provide access to the meter.

If the meter cannot be read, a door hanger will be left at the property. Within 5 days of receiving this notice, please call the District with the meter reading or to schedule a time for your meter to be read. If the District does not get a response; the meter reading will be estimated.

Reasons for Shut Offs

Water and Sewer service may be shut off due to:

  • Non-payment: Customers that have not paid the water/sewer bill are subject to shut off. Before service is shut off, the Liberty Lake Sewer and Water District will provide the following notices:

1st Notice: Next bill statement – Which will state current bill amount plus previous amount owed.

2nd Notice: Green door hanger – A green door hanger will be placed on the door of the property. This is a courtesy reminder that the property is scheduled for shut off for non-payment.

3rd Notice: Pink shut off – A pink door hanger will be placed on the door of the property. This will provide notice that your water has been shut off. The water will remain off until your bill is paid in full including all late fees and shut off charges.

Lien on property – A lien will be placed on property for non-payment.

  • Non-compliance: You have denied access to the Liberty Lake Sewer and Water District for reading or repairing your meter.
  • Fraud: If a customer has committed fraud against the District.
  • Public Safety: Emergencies or health and safety violations have occurred.

Restoring Water Service

When Water is Shut off for non-payment.

Whenever possible the District will restore water service within 2 hours after all outstanding bills and charges, including a water turn on charge, has been paid in full. You must come into the District office when making a payment to restore water service. The District will restore water service outside of our normal business hours, Weekends, and/or Holidays for an additional charge.

District Office 509-922-5443
After Hours 509-623-7920

Credit Cards and Bill Payment

Go green

The e-billing and online payment system is easy to use and allows you to receive and pay your sewer and water bill online. E-billing provides convenient payment options, 24-7-365 access to billing and payment history, reduces clutter and paper filing; impacting our planet in a positive way. Please help us go green by viewing and paying bills online using the button below

Online Bill Pay

Services Available Online

Xpress Bill Pay provides secure payment processing.

  • View the actual bill and payment details online 24-7-365
  • Pay with electronic check or credit card
  • Receive online payment confirmations and notices
  • Make and schedule your payments online
  • Enroll in Auto-Pay to avoid late fees
  • Sign up to Go Paperless and receive statements in your email

If you have questions about using the system, you may email or call the Xpress Bill Pay support line: 1-800-766-2350.

Bill Payment Options

  • **Preferred Method**
    Check with your banking institution to see if they offer online banking (i.e. bill pay); this is often a free service
  • Pay online using Xpress Bill Pay
  • Pay via cash, debit/credit card, or check at the customer service counter
  • Mail in your payment (22510 E. Mission Avenue, Liberty Lake, WA 99019)
  • Drop off your payment (during business hours or in our after hours deposit box – located outside our office main entrance)
  • Pay over the phone


Unlike other utilities, water and sewer charges are associated with the property rather than the tenant who incurs the charges. The account for water and sewer services provided in the District is listed in the name of the owner of the property and the District’s billing statement will be sent to the owner at the owner’s address.

The Owner may request in writing at the District’s website, “Manage Your Account” that the District sends a courtesy COPY of the bill to the address of the property, if different than the Owner’s address. In such event, the District will send a courtesy COPY of the bill and any and all notices to the address of the property, but also will send of the original bill and any and all notices to the Owner at the Owner’s address. While the Owner of the property may make arrangements with a tenant on the property to pay the District’s bill for such property, the Owner ultimately is responsible for payment of all charges on the account, including any unpaid account balance, late fees, or reconnection fees. Tenants will only be listed on the account for water and sewer services as a courtesy for notification purposes.

The District shall presume that the Owner’s address for all purposes related to this property is the physical address of the property unless the Owner notifies the District otherwise in writing (at providing the District with the correct mailing address, including street address, and e-mail address, and phone number. The Owner is responsible for notifying the District immediately in writing of any change in the Owner’s mailing address, street address, e-mail address, phone number.

Voluntary Discontinuance of Utility Services (“Snowbird”)

Liberty Lake Sewer and Water District can provide a temporary and voluntary discontinuance of utility services for “snowbirds” or those who will not be occupying their residence for an extended period of time. However, if you utilize this service water and sewer services will continue to be billed during this time.


The District does not have a direct utility assistance program, but there are a number of utility assistance programs in Spokane County. The District compiled a list of some of the assistance programs. Liberty Lake Sewer and Water District is not affiliated with these organizations; this list of programs has been compiled as a reference for your convenience.

Spokane County Assistance Programs