2017 Milfoil Management

PLANNED Treatment Dates: Monday August 14th – Tuesday August 15th, 2017

This years milfoil treatment is scheduled for the following dates:

August 14th – 18th, and/or August 21st – 25th, 2017.

  • The treatment should take 2 days
  • We will be working as early in the week as possible
  • The range of days is to account for any type of weather delays which may occur (wind, rain, thunderstorms, algae, etc.)

Liberty Lake_Herbicide Treatment Notice Map_2017 – Mailed to shoreline residents, 7/23/2017

Swim Restrictions – Map showing 1/4 mile buffer zone, x/x/xxxx

SculpinG_2,4-D_ProductLabel – Manufacturer’s product label, 8/2/2017

AquaNeat_Glyphosate_ProductLabel – Manufacturer’s product label, 8/2/2017

Contact the Applicator, Jeremy Jenkins – Liberty Lake Sewer and Water District, 509-922-5443

This Herbicide Treatment is regulated under a permit issued by the Washington Department of Ecology, Permit No.: WAG994095