Water Quality Data

Water quality monitoring efforts dating back as far as 1968 have been conducted by numerous agencies and personnel. These include the Liberty Lake Property Owner’s Association, the Liberty Lake Sewer and Water District, Washington State University, various consultants and engineers, citizens, and graduate students. These efforts include involvement in a restoration project, numerous thesis studies, an alum treatment, a dredging of the lake bottom to remove nutrient rich sediment, and annual lake and watershed monitoring. Ongoing monitoring will assure the quality of water while assisting in hydrologic and nutrient budgets critical for maintaining and establishing baselines and trends.

List of Liberty Lake Scientific References

Below is a link to the Liberty Lake water quality database. In it you will find multiple data sheets labeled:

  • Lake WQ: This dataset displays all the lakes physical and chemical analyses
  • Stream WQ: This dataset displays all the streams physical and chemical analyses
  • Phytoplankton: This dataset displays the algae density and bivolume by phylum
  • Zooplankton: This dataset displays the zooplankton (microscopic animals) density by phylum
  • Macrophytes: This dataset displays the macrophyte (aquatic plant) biomass by species
  • Lake Level data: This dataset displays the lake level data read from the outlet staff gauge
  • Precip: This dataset displays the precipitation measurements taken from gauges in the watershed
  • Evap: This dataset displays the evaporation measurements taken from a U.S. Class A Evaporation pan

Liberty Lake Water Quality Data

Note: The database is not final. Never before has the data collected through the years been centralized. This is a continuing effort, and new data is being entered on a regular basis. Continue to check back for updates. For questions or comments, contact Jeremy Jenkins at 922-5443 ext. 230.