Mission and History

In the 1960s, residents of Liberty Lake noted that nuisance blue-green algae blooms were becoming more noticeable and aesthetically displeasing each year. By late 1960’s, tons of decaying aquatic weeds and dried algal mats were being removed from the lake. This prompted the residents to take action about the lakes’ health and quality of water, and they turned to the Property Owner’s Association to help remedy the problem. In 1973, the residents took initiative to petition, vote, and elect commissioners to represent a special purpose sewer district. Since 1973, the Liberty Lake Sewer and Water District has taken many measures to protect our three watersheds; the lake, aquifer, and river to maintain the aesthetic beauty that has brought many residents to the area.

Our Mission

Our mission is public sewer and water service through leadership to preserve and protect the aquifer, river, and lake; serving people and the environment. To assure pure drinking water and effectively treated wastewater we maintain the highest security, safety, construction practices, operating standards, low rates and fiscal responsibility. We serve as an advocate and clearinghouse for lake, river and aquifer protection, conscientious wastewater treatment, and water conservation. We continually monitor water quality and manage the watershed to understand and prevent negative influences while operating a safe, secure, and reliable sewer and water utility. We take pride in our community and continually seek to improve the service we provide our owner/ratepayers. We honor and value representative local government that works, without taxes. We foster a professional, rewarding, supportive, and fun work environment that makes all of this possible.

Historical outline of the LLSWD