Base water rates were adjusted based upon an inflationary measure (CPI-U West) 2019 to 2022 and 2024, 2%, 2.6%, 1.6%, 5.3%, and 3.9% respectively. In 2023, base water and consumption rates were adjusted an additional 16.7% above the 8.3% inflationary measure due to outsized cost increases for goods and services required to maintain and operate the water system, as well as increased debt service costs for system improvements, including water main replacements and expansion of a well site.

For more information please look to the 2024 Rate Explanation.

Eastside Consolidation Surcharge Letter

Greenridge Consolidation Surcharge Letter

Moving forward we will continue to always conduct inflationary increases on both utilities. We will only increase rates to the degree necessary to cover costs, conducting sewer and water utility rate studies as needed. As utility costs throughout the industry continue to rise, District staff is committed to managing costs and improving efficiencies while upholding the District’s commitment to a sustainable future. These rate changes will help ensure the continued reliability and affordability of basic sewer and water services.

2024 Rate Schedule

(Effective January 1, 2024)

TypeMonthly Cost
Water, metered, base per ERU*$20.76
Water, metered, base per ERU* Irrigation$20.76
Usage above 976 cu.ft. per ERU*$0.00617 per cu.ft.
Usage above 3131 cu.ft per ERU*$0.00980 per cu.ft.
Water, metered, per cu.ft$0.02133
Water, Eastside Surcharge per ERU*$22.77 per Consolidation Agreement
Water, Greenridge Surcharge per ERU*$40.05 per Consolidation Agreement
Sewer, per ERU$78.89
Sewer, per ERU, Dedicated Capacity (Contract)$57.62
Sewer, per ERU, County Intertie$26.50 + Spokane County Sewer Service Fee billed at current rate per Interlocal Agreement

*ERU=Equivalent Residential Unit = 240 gallons (32 cubic feet) of water per day

Regular Capacity Water, per ERU$2,000
Regular Capacity Sewer, per ERU$7,875
Capacity Sewer, County Intertie, per ERUCurrent Spokane County GFC per Interlocal Agreement
Residential/Commercial Water less than or equal to 2.0″$140 + Actual cost of meter, radio, setter, box and lid.
Residential/Commercial Water Meters greater than 2.0″$140 + Actual cost of meter and radio. Owner provides meter set and spec. piping.
Residential/Commercial Sewer$140
Water Tapping Fee$715
Sewer Tapping Fee$275
Permit Fee$140
Special Contracts – Service Agreements$570
Water on/off Charge$70 Weekday / $210 after hours/weekend/holiday
Fire Hydrant Fill Station Permit*$780 Yearly (+ large volume water sales charged per cu.ft)
Fire Hydrant Mobile Permit*$1,500 Yearly (+ large volume water sales charged per cu.ft.). Includes the initial set, test, and final removal, but does not include relocation. Also allows use of the hydrant fill station.
Water/Sewer Operator/Inspection Rate$70 per hour Weekday + tax if applicable (1 hour minimum) $210 per hour After Hours/Weekends/Holiday + tax if applicable (1 hour minimum)
New Construction Bacteria Testing – 18hr TestActual Cost
Meter Accuracy Testing (including removal and replacement)Actual cost (depending on size of meter)
Return Payment FeeActual Charge
Lien Charge$140 + Spokane County Filing Cost(s)

*Large Volume Water Sales

The Liberty Lake Sewer and Water District fire hydrant Fill Station and Mobile Permits are for water use less than 25,000 cubic feet per year. In accordance with Resolution 30-98, water used from designated fire hydrants in excess of 25,000 cubic feet per year, the District will bill water monthly at the water, metered, per cubic foot rate. Resolution 34-93 and Resolution 16-22 also apply to fire hydrant permits.

Note: Sales tax is not included in the rate unless otherwise stated

In accordance with Resolution 09-17 – Equivalent User Schedule for irrigation services.

Size of Meter*
1 ½”4

*Connection fee will be based on Meter Size or Irrigation Service Line size, whichever is the largest.

In accordance with Resolution 26-13 – Stormwater Management Resolution

Stormwater Drainage Plan Review*$600
Stormwater Drainage Bank Assignment (Returned upon project completion)Depending upon engineers estimation of project cost

*Covers the initial plan review and a check of the final plan and three site drainage inspections (rough, preliminary-final and final). All additional reviews to be billed to the developer/customer at actual cost plus tax.