This form is intended to begin the process of initiating a service change and is in no way a contract or binding agreement.
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Unlike other utilities, water and sewer charges are associated with the property rather than the tenant who incurs the charges. The account for water and sewer services provided in the District is listed in the name of the owner of the property and the District’s billing statement will be sent to the owner at the owner’s address.

The Owner is making written request that the District sends a duplicate copy of the bill to the address of the property, if different than the Owner’s address. In such event, the District will send a duplicate copy of the bill and any and all notices to the address of the property, but also will send of the original bill and any and all notices to the Owner at the Owner’s address. While the Owner of the property may make arrangements with a tenant on the property to pay the District’s bill for such property, the Owner ultimately is responsible for payment of all charges on the account, including any unpaid account balance, late fees, or reconnection fees. Tenants will only be listed on the account for water and sewer services as a courtesy for notification purposes.

The District shall presume that the Owner’s address for all purposes related to this property is the physical address of the property unless the Owner notifies the District otherwise in writing providing the District with the correct mailing address, including street address, and e-mail address, and phone number. The Owner is responsible for notifying the District immediately in writing of any change in the Owner’s mailing address, street address, e-mail address, phone number.

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