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Fire Hydrant Backflow Protection
Fire Hydrant Backflow Protection from Spokane Aquifer Joint Board on KSPS Public TV
Annual Leaf Pickup
Leaf and Beach Pickup 2020
Liberty Lake Sewer and Water District’s annual leaf and beach pickup is revised for 2020 due to COVID-19. Please read on. The District and our
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Backflow Education Video
Backflow PSA produced by Idaho Washington Aquifer Collaborative (IWAC)
Why is Backflow prevention important?
Fall Sprinkler Blowout and Cross-Connection Control
This article provides information for fall sprinkler blowout activities and cross-connection control (a.k.a. backflow). Irrigation systems are exposed to contaminants such as pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers
Muddy Boots Award 2019-2020
Liberty Lake Sewer and Water District receives outstanding water, wastewater and staff awards
2020 Best Tasting Water Award Every year the Inland Empire subsection of the American Water Works Association holds a competition for the utility’s best tasting
Treatment Areas 2020
Aquatic Invasive Plant – Annual Herbicide Treatment – Tuesday, August 18th, 2020
UPDATE 8/18 @ 4:45p: Everyone, we completed the herbicide treatment as planned without any problems. We appreciate the cooperation of all in avoiding use
Algae Present in Liberty Lake – Stay Alert
Liberty Lake Residents and Users: For the past few weeks, there has been a minor algae bloom occuring in the lake. Over the past few
Hand holding Proclamation 20-23
Coronavirus (COVID-19) Utility Bill Hardship
On May 31, Gov. Inslee extended the moratorium on service disconnects and late fees through July 28 for all energy, landline telephone, and water
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Refresh Your Water
  Educational video is courtesy of the City of Spokane. For questions about our water please contact Liberty Lake Sewer and Water at 509-922-5443.
Reopening Reminder: Building Water Supply Health
As businesses prepare to reopen as restrictions are eased, building owners and tenants need to pay special attention to their water supply. What happens
LLSWD Requiring Backflow Testing
Customers of the Liberty Lake Sewer and Water District will be required to annually hire a Washington State-certifed Backflow Assembly Tester to verify all
LLSWD Homepage
Newsletter and Email Distribution List
Check out our new website at https://libertylake.org/. The newly redesigned web-site allows the District to connect with our customers in a number of ways.
Coronavirus (COVID-19)
As a provider of Essential Public Services, we are dedicated to maintaining the high level of service our customers expect and deserve. Internally we
Cross Connection Control
Cross Connection Control Program
A cross-connection is defined as any actual or potential physical connection between the public water system and any source that could contaminate the public
Sewer clogged
What to Flush and Not to Flush
  As a reminder, we do not allow the dis-posal of anything other than water and the “3 P’s” into
2020 Waterline Replacement Projects Maps
2020 Waterline Replacement Projects
The Liberty Lake Sewer and Water District is planning two water system replacement projects for the 2020 construction season (see project location maps below).
Liberty Lake Sewer and Water District
Public Water and Sewer Systems are Safe and Reliable
Washington Association of  Sewer & Water Districts (WASWD) has issued a press release; reminding everyone that, "Water and sewer districts throughout the state are
COVID-19 – Your Water and Sewer
Water During this global Pandemic, the District would like to provide the following information about the continued safety of your drinking water. The COVID-19 virus has
COVID-19 Update – March 16th, 2020
As a provider of Essential Public Services, we are dedicated to maintaining the high level of service our customers expect and deserve. Because of
COVID-19 Update
We are monitoring developments regarding COVID-19 to take precautions to minimize risk and keep our customers and staff safe. The District is following Washington
ALERT Spokane
ALERT Spokane
The LLSWD is using ALERT Spokane to notify our customers in the event of an emergency. ALERT Spokane (a.k.a. Reverse 911) is the program
Letter Cover Boil Order
Boil Water Advisory Follow-up Letter
The District wrote a letter that outlines the boil water advisory event. The letter has been distributed to all of the LLSWD customers. A
Cross Connection Control
Cross Connection Control
A Cross Connection is a connection from the water distribution system to a point of use where an elevated risk of water contamination exists.
Annual Leaf Pickup
27th Annual Leaf Pickup
The 27th annual leaf and beach cleanup is scheduled for Saturday, November 9, 2019, 8:00 am to dusk. The City of Liberty Lake is
Fire Hydrant
Fire Hydrants
There are approximately 650 fire hydrants in the District. Fire hydrant requirements are determined by the International Fire Code (IFC). Hydrants shall be located
Sprinkler Blowout
Sprinkler Blow Outs
Once water enters your irrigation sys- tem it can become contaminated with lawn chemicals and bacteria. Your irri- gation system is required to have
Did you know it is unlawful for any person to drain, run or otherwise discharge or connect unauthorized water and/or non- stormwater discharges (termed
Water Meter
District Water Meters
The District owns your water meter and reads them 4 times per year. Base rate is billed monthly and
Water Reclamation Facility Open House
Water Reclamation Facility Open House
With the recent completion of the Water Reclamation Facility Phase II Upgrade, the District is inviting the Liberty Lake community to join us in
Water Conservation
Model Efficient Irrigation and Landscape Design Standards
The District’s drinking water source is drawn from the Spokane Valley-Rathdrum Prairie (SVRP) Aquifer, a sole source aquifer that stretches from Lake Pend Oreille
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What to flush and not to flush
National Association of Clean Water Agencies’ Toilets Are Not Trash cans campaign is focused on protecting the pipes, pumps, water reclamation facilities, and personnel
Waterline Replacement Project Map - May 2019
South Liberty Drive Waterline Replacement Project
The Liberty Lake Sewer and Water District is planning replacement of 3,180 feet of 1960’s deteriorated water main in South Liberty Drive between the
fully protected in yellow uniform,mask,and gloves professional d
Recycle Hazardous Wastes
Hazardous wastes should not be flushed down the toilet. The District’s treatment plant is a biological process and does not remove some hazardous chemicals.
water rates
2019 Rates
The Board of Commissioners of Liberty Lake Sewer & Water District has the legal authority, as established by Washington State law, to determine fees
Liberty Lake Algae Bloom Research
Liberty Lake Algae Bloom
The District previously wrote three articles for the Liberty Lake Splash and the District’s biannual newsletter discussing the algae conditions in Liberty Lake observed
Water Conservation
Water Conservation
The District encourages our customers not to waste water and conserve wherever possible. Water rates at Liberty Lake are based on 240 gallons per
Recycle Waste Bins
Spokane-Kootenai Waste Directory
Not sure what to do with old household items, waste products or business materials? Are they recyclable? How about reusable? Or do the items
Annual Leaf Pickup
26th Annual Leaf Pickup
The 26th annual leaf and beach cleanup is scheduled for Saturday, November 10, 2018, 8:00 am to dusk. The City of Liberty Lake is
Shoreline Rules
Shoreline Rules
This brief overview of rules applies to activities within Spokane County shore- line setbacks around Liberty Lake. These setbacks range from 100-200’, depending on the
Sewer Rates and Fees by County
Sewer and Water Rates
The Liberty Lake Sewer and Water District is a Special Purpose District owned by our rate payers. We rely solely upon utility rates to
Water Hardness
Water Hardness
We often get calls about the hardness of our water. The simple definition of water hardness is the amount of dissolved calcium and magnesium
Water Meter
Your Water Meter
With hundreds to read daily, our meter readers must be able to quickly access your water meter. This ensures accurate and timely readings so
Excavator Working On Construction
Eastside Water System Improvement Project Construction
LLSWD is currently installing larger water mains and improved connectivity and valving in the former East Side Liberty Lake Improvement Club (Eastside) water system
Water Reclamation Facility Chief Operator Dan Grogg, Facility Operators Darrell Gamble and Greg Sattler, and Wastewater Collection System Operators Mike West, Derek Nesbitt, and Cody Riggs
Liberty Lake Water Reclamation Facility Receives Statewide Award
The Liberty Lake Sewer and Water District’s Water Reclamation Facility has received the Washington State Department of Ecology’s Outstanding Wastewater Treatment Plant award for
Liberty Lake Sewer and Water District receives EPA’s WATERS Award
The EPA Region 10 WATERS award program seeks to recognize exceptional DWSRF projects, nominated by state DWSRF staff, that help borrowers maintain, or return