Sewer Rates and Fees by County
Sewer and Water Rates
The Liberty Lake Sewer and Water District is a Special Purpose District owned by our rate payers. We rely solely upon utility rates to
Water Hardness
Water Hardness
We often get calls about the hardness of our water. The simple definition of water hardness is the amount of dissolved calcium and magnesium
Water Meter
Your Water Meter
With hundreds to read daily, our meter readers must be able to quickly access your water meter. This ensures accurate and timely readings so
Excavator Working On Construction
Eastside Water System Improvement Project Construction
LLSWD is currently installing larger water mains and improved connectivity and valving in the former East Side Liberty Lake Improvement Club (Eastside) water system
Water Reclamation Facility Chief Operator Dan Grogg, Facility Operators Darrell Gamble and Greg Sattler, and Wastewater Collection System Operators Mike West, Derek Nesbitt, and Cody Riggs
Liberty Lake Water Reclamation Facility Receives Statewide Award
The Liberty Lake Sewer and Water District’s Water Reclamation Facility has received the Washington State Department of Ecology’s Outstanding Wastewater Treatment Plant award for
Liberty Lake Sewer and Water District receives EPA’s WATERS Award
The EPA Region 10 WATERS award program seeks to recognize exceptional DWSRF projects, nominated by state DWSRF staff, that help borrowers maintain, or return