2021 Leaf Pile
Leaf and Beach Drop Off – 2022
The Liberty Lake Sewer and Water District (LLSWD) annual fall leaf drop-off will continue with the same format in 2022, as in 2021. The
Aquatic Invasive Species – and YOU!
Did you know that Liberty Lake is home to a few different aquatic invasive species? LLSWD is aware of three; two are plants, and
Treatment Areas 2020
Aquatic Invasive Plant – Annual Herbicide Treatment – Tuesday, August 18th, 2020
UPDATE 8/18 @ 4:45p: Everyone, we completed the herbicide treatment as planned without any problems. We appreciate the cooperation of all in avoiding use
Algae Present in Liberty Lake – Stay Alert
Liberty Lake Residents and Users: For the past few weeks, there has been a minor algae bloom occuring in the lake. Over the past few