Cross Connection Control
Cross Connection Control
A Cross Connection is a connection from the water distribution system to a point of use where an elevated risk of water contamination exists.
Annual Leaf Pickup
27th Annual Leaf Pickup
The 27th annual leaf and beach cleanup is scheduled for Saturday, November 9, 2019, 8:00 am to dusk. The City of Liberty Lake is
Fire Hydrant
Fire Hydrants
There are approximately 650 fire hydrants in the District. Fire hydrant requirements are determined by the International Fire Code (IFC). Hydrants shall be located
Sprinkler Blowout
Sprinkler Blow Outs
Once water enters your irrigation system it can become contaminated with lawn chemicals and bacteria. Your irrigation system is required to have adequate backflow
Did you know it is unlawful for any person to drain, run or otherwise discharge or connect unauthorized water and/or non- stormwater discharges (termed
Water Meter
District Water Meters
The District owns your water meter and reads them 4 times per year. Base rate is billed monthly and