Cross Connection Control

A Cross Connection is a connection from the water distribution system to a point of use where an elevated risk of water contamination exists. Cross connections are re- quired to have devices installed to protect the quality of the water in the distribution system. These devices are installed on irrigation systems, fire sprinklers or other types of water uses where water could become contaminated. Backflow devices are designed to prevent water from re-entering the water distribution system in the event of a loss of system pressure. Backflow protection devices are tools that allow system users flexibility and also help maintain safe drinking water in the distribution system.

The District is required to have a Cross-Connection Control Program in accordance with Washing- ton Administrative Code (WAC) Chapter 246-290-490. The purpose of the District’s cross- connection control program shall be to protect the public water system from contamination via cross-connections. The District’s responsibility for cross-connection control shall begin at the wa- ter supply source, storage, and distribution facilities, and end at the point of delivery to the con- sumer’s water system, which begins at the downstream end of the service connection or water meter.

Liberty Lake Sewer and Water District has a responsibility to ensure that all system users receive safe drinking water. To ensure the system is properly protected, the District tracks backflow devices. After a backflow device is installed, initial testing is required to ensure proper protection of the water system. Testing must be performed by a Washington State certified Backflow Assembly Tester and must be done at least once a year. If repairs are re- quired, they usually can be completed at the time of the backflow test. After a successful test is completed, Backflow Assembly Testers submit a test report to the District. The test reports are our method of confirming that backflow function has been main- tained so the system is safe for all users. When your device has been tested, you or your tester should send a copy of the report to the District.

The District will be increasing our efforts on Cross Connection Control. Traditionally this program has been limited to commercial and new residential developments. The importance of increasing our efforts is to protect the quality and safety of our water, espe- cially since the District is one of the very few municipal systems that remains non-chlorinated. The District is in the process of de- veloping this program and will be rolling it out slowly in phases. For more information please contact the District at 922-5443.

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