LLSWD Homepage

Check out our new website at https://libertylake.org/. The newly redesigned web-site allows the District to connect with our customers in a number of ways. The heading bar allows the user to quickly find resources and view educational news and events. Our news feed allows us to communicate more effectively with our customers to disseminate news as well as deliver critical emergency notifications.

Traditionally the District has done two newsletters a year, Spring and Fall. This newsletter has been circulated via hardcopy to all residents in the 99019 zip code.

With the redesign of our website we are migrating to an electronic newsletter format. For those that still prefer a hardcopy, the newsletter can be downloaded and individually printed here: https://libertylake.org/category/newsletters/print/

If you have already provided your email to the District for billing and information, no need to take action you are already subscribed to our newsletter and Email distribution list. If you want to stay connected to the LLSWD news and to receive notifications or add an additional email address; please visit: https://libertylake.org/subscribe.

Your email is completely anonymous, we do not share your email with anyone.

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