Did you know it is unlawful for any person to drain, run or otherwise discharge or connect unauthorized water and/or non- stormwater discharges (termed illicit discharges) to the sewer system, storm sewer system, surface waters or ground waters of the state without permission? Spokane County Code, Title 9, Chapter 9.14.215 defines discharges of unauthorized waters. This in- cludes discharges from swimming pools and hot tubs.

Similarly, the District does not permit discharge from swimming pools and hot tubs into our sewer system. Our wastewater treatment plant is a biological facility and the chlorine content in pools and hot tubs can disrupt the biology in our plant ren- dering treatment ineffective. Furthermore, the District does not have a combined sewer system, meaning stormwater from roadways are not combined with wastewater from homes. So, when pools/hot tubs are drained into the road (not permitted by the County or City of Liberty Lake) it does not make it to our sewer system. Lastly, filling of pools and hot tubs permitted from the District’s fire hy- drants must have a backflow assembly (see previous section on Cross Connection Control).

For info about where you are allowed to empty your pool to, contact Jeremy Jenkins @ 922-5443

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