Liberty Lake Sewer and Water District

Washington Association of  Sewer & Water Districts (WASWD) has issued a press release; reminding everyone that, “Water and sewer districts throughout the state are taking all steps necessary to continue providing safe and reliable water and sewer services for the duration of this emergency.”

Liberty Lake Sewer and Water District (LLSWD) would like to highlight some important points.

  • LLSWD water is safe. COVID-19 has not been detected in tap water.  read more
  • Sewer utilities present no known risk. read more
  • Wipes should not be flushed and are the primary cause of clogged sewer lines. read more | see photo
  • LLSWD will not terminate service to any account, charge late fees, or file any new liens during this time of hardship.

To keep providing safe, reliable water and sewer service, our teams are working around the clock.

Please read the WASWD press release and feel free to contact us with any questions.


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