Recycle Waste Bins

Not sure what to do with old household items, waste products or business materials? Are they recyclable? How about reusable? Or do the items need special handling?

There is a online tool to help businesses and residents dispose of wastes. The Spokane-Kootenai Waste Directory is an interactive on-line database that lets individuals and small businesses connect with vendors (public and private) that are available to safely dispose of their wastes. Common disposal options include taking it to a transfer station or drop-off location, curbside or front door
pick-up, or using the postal system. Part of the directory uses Google Maps to give you directions to drop off material.

Spokane-Kootenai Waste Directory links businesses and residents to over 290 vendors who can help you properly dispose of 300 wastes. The Waste Directory also provides information to understand the environmental impact of each waste and why proper disposal is vital for protecting our river, aquifer, land and air.

Spokane River Forum
EnviroCertified Program Director
Tonilee Hanson
Phone 509-847-4337

Spokane County Regional Solid Waste
Hotline – 509-477-6800


Spokane-Kootenai Waste Directory

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