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Check out our new website at https://libertylake.org/. The newly redesigned web-site allows the District to connect with our customers in a number of ways.
Coronavirus (COVID-19)
As a provider of Essential Public Services, we are dedicated to maintaining the high level of service our customers expect and deserve. Internally we
Cross Connection Control
Cross Connection Control Program
A cross-connection is defined as any actual or potential physical connection between the public water system and any source that could contaminate the public
Sewer clogged
What to Flush and Not to Flush
  As a reminder, we do not allow the dis-posal of anything other than water and the “3 P’s” into
2020 Waterline Replacement Projects Maps
2020 Waterline Replacement Projects
The Liberty Lake Sewer and Water District is planning two water system replacement projects for the 2020 construction season (see project location maps below).