Spokane Aquifer Joint Board

The Spokane Aquifer Joint Board (SAJB) https://www.spokaneaquifer.org/about-sajb/ is comprised of twenty-one water purveyors throughout the Spokane area dedicated to providing safe, clean drinking water to your homes, offices and industries every day. Collectively we operate 122 wells, supplying drinking water to more than 500,000 people in the Spokane area. Each purveyor draws water from the same source – the Spokane Valley – Rathdrum Prairie (SVRP) Aquifer.

Our collective priority is to protect the public water supply by coordinating efforts, performing and sponsoring studies and investigations, and providing a discussion forum with respect to developing and implementing public water supply programs such as:

  • wellhead protection,
  • conservation, and
  • protection of associated Water Rights

The Spokane Aquifer Joint Board was formed on April 25, 1995, under RCW 39.34, known as the Washington Interlocal Cooperation Act.

Because of the relatively shallow depth to groundwater and the absence of low permeability layers that could prevent contamination from entering the groundwater, the SVRP aquifer is highly vulnerable to a variety of contamination threats. In order to proactively reduce the potential dangers to the drinking water supply, the SAJB developed a Wellhead Protection Program. As part of this Program, Spokane Aquifer Joint Board developed a comprehensive Wellhead Protection Plan that includes a technical characterization and assessment of the hydrogeologic setting of the SVRP Aquifer and provides the basis for wellhead protection areas. The wellhead protection areas serve as the foundation of the program, defining the areas for contaminant source inventory, risk assessment, contingency management, public education and possible groundwater protection ordinances.

SAJB develops and maintains a regional potential contaminant source inventory database. Under current Washington State regulations for wellhead protection, every two years water purveyors are required to notify potential contaminant sources (businesses) that are located within defined wellhead protection areas. This is a reminder to the business owners of their location over our “sole-source” Aquifer, and the need for everyone to protect this valuable resource.

SAJB also provides public education and information to residents about the proper disposal of household contaminants and suggestions for safer alternative products. Click here to find out how to properly dispose of household hazardous materials at NO CHARGE. Call the Spokane County Regional Solid Waste System Recycling Hotline 509-477-6800 or visit the Spokane/Kootenai Waste and Recycle Directory for disposal vendors and locations.

Your Public Water System

Liberty Lake Sewer and Water District is a member of SAJB and all of our water is proudly served from the SVRP Aquifer. Our water system is licensed by the WA Department of Health and we maintain high standards of construction, maintenance and sampling. Our State certified operators provide water quality monitoring, wellhead protection, cross-connection control, fire protection, water use efficiency and facility security.

We at Liberty Lake Sewer and Water District work around the clock to provide top quality water to every customer. We ask all our customers to help us protect our water resources, which are the heart of our community, our way of life, and our children’s future.

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