Water Meter

Your Water MeterWith hundreds to read daily, our meter readers must be able to quickly access your water meter. This ensures accurate and timely readings so that your utility account will be charged correctly. Every time a meter reader can get a quick and accurate reading on the first visit to a property helps keep utility costs down and rates stable for everyone. So it is important to be considerate of your meter reader by ensuring that your water meter is easily accessible.

1. Cut back grass, weeds, shrubs, bushes or trees that cover or block the way to the meter. Avoid planting flowers, trees, and shrubbery that will impede the way to the meter. Having to tip toe around delicate plants or flowers can be difficult and time consuming for your meter reader who does not want to damage your special garden treasures.

2. Don’t forget your meter in the fall and winter months. A meter can easily become hidden under a pile of fallen leaves. When removing leaves from your property, remember to keep your meter clear and accessible. During the winter as you clear ice and snow from sidewalks and driveways, be sure your meter is also uncovered and easy to find.

3. Do not place objects blocking access to the meter vault. Some of the items we regularly find blocking meters include: automobiles, trailers, boats, garbage cans,
construction equipment, piles of dirt, gravel, mulch, lumber and other building supplies. Also, if the meter is located behind a gate or fence, arrange access for the meter reader prior to the actual time of the reading.

4. Make sure pets are secured and not obstructing access to the meter vault. Although your pet may seem friendly to you, the meter reader is a stranger and his/her presence in your pet’s “territory” may provoke an unwelcome response. If you have a pet that you use for security, please confine the pet during the day when your meter is to be read.

5. It is always a good idea (and it’s the law) to ensure that your home address is clearly displayed. This is important not only for the meter reader, but also for emergency personnel who may need to find your home quickly.

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